Tedium and Stick-to-itiveness

Every job, even a career job, will become or involve tedious work at some time. You are doing the same repetitive task again and again. It might be reading the same email from the same person, client or company every day or every week; but it is part of your job to know what they are doing or how they are doing their work. The same daily or weekly report may have to be done and submitted every Friday. Or you may have to keep a log of your work on a regular basis. The tedium may simply involve taking the same bus, route or plane ride every day or week to get to work. Whatever the tedium is, you simply have to accept it and force yourself to work through it.
You might find ways to add variety or even improve efficiency. Categorize repetitive emails for easy retrieval later, when and as necessary. Work on making weekly reports shorter, concise, succinct and “more to the point.” Innovate or automate a daily or weekly log to make it less time consuming. Have you have ever wondered, “What is an administrative assistant?” This might be a good place to start.


When you work on a given project, report or document, do not give up. Always finish what you have started. The last impression you want to give your boss is that you do not finish what you start; or that you have great ideas, but do not follow-up on them.

If you find yourself having new and innovative ideas, but are not able or do not have the resources to follow through on the idea, then you need to think through your ideas more thoroughly before you propose them. As a simple example, maybe you have proposed to have the company purchase new printers with fax and copy features, but later you find that faxing and copying are seldom used because the company already has dedicated fax machines and copy machines. Higher quality and more reliable printing, faxing and copying are being realized with the present equipment; moreover, you may have no control over the purchasing budget for such equipment. Ask questions, of yourself and others, before proposing such ideas; then make your suggestions. Think before you propose.

Alternatively, you may propose a marketing project to help the company attract more clients. You have been assigned to write the initial proposal. Not only write the proposal, but within the proposal outline the next several steps to be performed; and again, ask others for additional ideas about how to proceed. Do not isolate the project from others because you want to receive all the credit yourself. I believe it was President Regan who said (paraphrased), “There is no limit to what man can accomplish if he does not worry about who gets the credit.”
As always your comments and questions are most welcome. Thank you for reading!