Business tips for a modern woman

A modern business woman is intelligent, poised, fashionable, alert, and educated. Even if you’re still in school, or studying for your masters degree online, you can still be all of these things. Being a business woman means being savvy, staying on top of the trends and using logic before you think and act. Here is a bit of advice for every business woman.

Dress Well – Nothing says confidence like a well-dressed woman. Dress to impress but don’t overdo it. Clothing that is too tight or to low cut says that you are desperate or want to sleep your way to the top. Since you aren’t either of those things, try choosing clothing that comes to at least four inches above your knee. Avoid anything that shows cleavage when you are at work. You should also wear clothing that flatters your form. A smaller woman could wear a pencil skirt and white blouse for a very classic, sexy and chic look. A bigger girl could wear something equally as flattering with a flowing blouse and dress pants. If you’re not dressing business casual, try wearing a blazer over the blouse to give it a very nice and formal touch.

Invest – Investing money now means that you will have more money in the future. If you have a job, try figuring out how much money you can save each month. What are you spending money on that you don’t need? Slim down your budget and save your money for investments. Good investments include bank CD’s, (these aren’t really profitable with small amounts of money), gold bonds, stocks (can be risky), company shares (can also be risky), startup companies (also risky) and even property (such as rentals or etc). However, the final will take more money than you will have as a student. Try saving your money so that you have it should a good investment come along, you never know, you might get lucky and land a good investment.

Act Intelligently – Most of the time if you act like an intelligent woman, you will be seen as an intelligent woman. Unfortunately, acting stupid can get you places, but it won’t get you a better position and it won’t get you respect. Think about what you do and say before you do it. Use correct grammar in both speaking and writing and always make sure that you come off as a professional. That doesn’t mean you have to use jargon or overly complicated words, just avoid appearing to be bubbly or over eager, over excited and easy to confuse. Acting with intelligence will be noticed, it will also single you out as a good leader, a good potential candidate for promotion and someone who can handle responsibility.

Be Polite – Please is the magic word is something you’ve probably heard since childhood. But so is thank you. Be soft spoken, be polite (even when chiding someone) and try to make every criticism an encouragement to improve and to do better. Avoid being harsh, wanting unrealistic demands or being rude. No one’s wants to be the ‘office bitch’ and you can avoid it just by being polite. Choose your words carefully and if you are angry, take a time out. You will earn respect and even loyalty by being polite, both of which can come in handy should you be promoted.

Work Hard – Hard work pays. Working hard means putting your all into what you do. Go the extra mile, volunteer for an internship, volunteer to do extra tasks around the workplace and take any free courses or classes offered. If you do your work well, act as though you love it and aren’t afraid to put in a little extra work to get it done right, people will notice. Chances are; those people will also promote you when a position opens up. If you are still in college, an internship is another great way to show your hard work and attract attention for it. Hard work turns into respect, promotions and more pay.